spheremap 1.0

Designed and developed by

Liang Wan
Tien-Tsin Wong
Chi-Sing Leung


Cubemap is a defacto standard for representing the surrounding environment (a spherical function) in many graphics applications. However, it does not evenly sample the environment. Different texel may span different solid angle (i.e. different importances or weights). Is there any parameterization of sphere that can sample environment more evenly?

In GDC2007, we introduced three spherical maps with equal or near-equal solid angle property. The source code here demonstrates the implementation of isocube and HEALPix spherical maps. If you are interested, just register below and download the code. The code is free of charge. Please refer to the file LICENSE.txt for license agreement.

System Requirement

Hardware: Pentium III or above, installed with nVidia GeforceFX series GPU (6800 or above)
OS: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, with OpenGL

Installation Instruction

  1. Download spheremap 1.0
  2. Unzip the spheremap-1.0.zip
  3. Simply run spheremap.bat

Related Publications

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    Contact Person

    Tien-Tsin Wong (ttwong@acm.org)