Real-Time Relighting of Compressed Panoramas

Tien-Tsin Wong , Siu-Hang Or and Chi-Wing Fu
Graphics Programming Methods, Edited by Jeff Lander, Charles River Media, 2003, pp. 375-388.


Panorama is a simple representation for modeling large-scale complex backgrounds without paying the expensive rendering cost. It can be applied in computer games to increase visual richness. However, the static panoramic images do not allow the dynamic changing of lighting (known as "dynamic lighting" in the game community). The ability to change lighting allows the game developer to create a dramatic atmosphere. The simplest solution is to render the complete geometric models during the game execution. Unfortunately, unless specially tuned, real-time rendering of complex scenes is usually not possible. It would be ideal if we can "relight" (modify the lighting) the panoramic image without referring to the complex geometry. We have proposed a "relightable" panorama representation that is in between the static panoramic image and geometric model. It allows real-time dynamic lighting without rendering the complex geometry.

Demo and Relighting SDK

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